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Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant


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Gemiddelde score

  • 9.5/10Kwaliteit
  • 9.4/10Service
  • 8.7/10Prijs/kwaliteit
De volgende beoordelingen zijn een selectie van de zaak.


Best on the island ! Best food I ever had . The portions may look small and pricey , but the food is so rich in quality, great presentation and I left feeling satisfied and full. If you are a cook you will appreciate this experience . We are absolutely coming back !

wo 31 mei 2023

J. uit oude ijsselstreek

Very Good and enjoyed our evening. Great food and Nice people. Great way to have a fantastic evening on Curaçao.

za 27 mei 2023

Christopher Campbell

Thank You Baoase Staff ! Dishes were Absolutely Amazing We look forward to returning with our friends & sharing this experience.

ma 22 mei 2023


Great food, just too little portions

vr 19 mei 2023