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Mission Masala - Bombay BBQ


Indian Soulfood with a modern twist. Bombay BBQ is Mission Masala's big brother in BXL. BANGING INDIAN FLAVOURS - DESI COCKTAILS - NATURAL WINES - CRAFT BEERS
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Gemiddelde score

  • 9.6/10Kwaliteit
  • 9.4/10Service
  • 8.9/10Prijs/kwaliteit
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zo 24 september 2023

Jan Kunkel

The design of the place alone is an experience. The food is a delicious dream, the chef does his job incredibly well. The whole thing is completed by an attentive and very friendly service. We enjoyed the visit incredibly and will definitely come back. So far, one of the best we have experienced in Brussels.

za 23 september 2023

Daphné Delbeke

Colorful and inspiring spot, pleasing to all of your senses, from mouthwatering dishes to the funky decor and the beautiful souls who work their magic here. It was my first time and I’ll definitely will go visit this gem again soon ☺️

di 19 september 2023

W. uit Bruxelles

Les plats, excellents. Le cadre du restaurant réussi. L’équipe très sympathique, ce qui confère au restaurant une magnifique ambiance. Bref, un sans faute et un voyage en Indes sans quitter Bruxelles,…

di 12 september 2023