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6161 Reasons to be (more) alive

You are alive. Right now. So act like it. Act fancy. Act kindly. Act without expectation. Act like you mean it. Be silly. Be true. Be full of contradictions. Spend all your money on bellezza. Wear it like it means nothing. Tell everyone you would die without it. Casually. Eat, drink, speak, sing, kiss, dress and make a face like you’re in love. GIGI is for lovers. Not just love for food. Love in all its most delicious forms. 6161 kinds of amore. And counting. The kind of love that makes you unapologetic, brave, irrational, make sense for the first time in your life, beautiful, terribly sweet, sharp enough to draw blood, hungry for purity and voraciously soft.

All at once. L’amore domina senza regole.
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Overheerlijke gerechtjes, leuke sfeer. Gezellige drukte.

za 26 november 2022

Elke Geldhof

Heel lekker, mooi interieur en vriendelijk personeel

vr 25 november 2022


Fantastische zaak met fantastische zaakvoerder en personeel!

do 24 november 2022


Echt super vriendelijke personeel!!

di 15 november 2022