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Mag's Burgerbar

Mag's Burgerbar

Mag’s Burgers has had only one goal since 2010: serving you better burgers.
We serve the most classical hamburgers, to original variations and of course bombshells of suggestion. We bring you a ‘slow food burger’ served according to the ‘fast food’ principle. We use the best products: our meat comes from a local Farm, and is baked ‘a la minute’.

Our fish burgers come straight from the fish vender (and never from the freezer!). Vegetables and fresh fruit are freshly delivered to our door every morning. Furthermore, we do not waste food. Logical right?

When we think about Hamburgers we instantly see a fast food restaurant somewhere on a highway or urban area in the US. In recent years, we are all becoming more demanding. Rightly so! The audience is looking for more quality at the same serving speed.

Mag’s Burgers is launched by 2 chefs, Stijn & Laurent. They started serving burgers in a classic French restaurant for the staff after lunch service. So, the start of the burger adventure. They begun looking for perfect burger ingredients. Meat from a local Farm, daily delivered codfish, vintage cheese, and buns from “De trog” to blend it all to perfect burger recipes.

Ever since, we are welcoming burger lovers to enjoy fresh, simple and high-quality burgers!
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  • 9.2/10   Kwaliteit
  • 9.5/10   Service
  • 9/10   Prijs/kwaliteit
De volgende beoordelingen zijn een selectie van de zaak.

Michael Mieszczanski

One of the very few places that also offers excellent veggie burgers (besides excellent meat-based burgers). Great atmosphere and great service: we have never been disappointed. So glad MAG's has reopened after a long COVID break.

do 04 november 2021

Sofia Rana

Super lekkere burgers en sides. Zeer vriendelijke bediening. Een echte aanrader - beste burgers in omstreken van Halle - Ninove - Aalst!

do 04 november 2021


Lekker gegeten Grote portie zelfs de mini burger was ruim voldoende

za 09 oktober 2021

R. uit Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

Super lekkere burgers, frieten en maïs! En wat een top bediening! Ik zou al gewoon voor Fien terugkomen!

wo 08 september 2021