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The Araki


Mitsuhiro Araki's celebrated restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo held three Michelin stars
with demand for seats at the counter far outstripping supply.
In 2014 Mr. Araki decided to seek new challenges and deepen his learning,
he closed his restaurant in Ginza and brought his vision, skills and experience
as a Sushi Master to London.
The Araki, for the first time, brings London the oppertunity to experience world renowned
"Edomae Sushi" (Authentic style originally invented circa 200 years ago in former Tokyo)
prepared and served by Mr. Araki himself according to
the historic tradition of "sado (Tea ceremony)" hospitality.
At The Araki every seat is at the Chef's Table.
  • 3 stars
  • > € 100
  • Sushi
  • Terrassen
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