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Verso Café

Verso Café

Verso Café is established next to the renown Verso multibrand store in the beautiful former bank building at the ‘Lange Gasthuisstraat’ in Antwerp. Over the years Verso Café has evolved remarkably and has ever since become one of Antwerp’s finest lunch and aperitif spots.

Having won De Gouden Vork prize in 2011 is a final sign on the wall for Verso Café that their efforts do not go unnoticed. Coached by the right hand of a Michelin star chef, William De Bruyn and his crew have propelled the Verso kitchen into a higher stratosphere. “We wanted to upgrade the level of every aspect”, says De Bruyn. “by becoming even more refined, by using only the highest quality of products and by creating inventive dishes.”

Inventive is the least you can say of Verso Café’s current menu, which features an interesting selection of seasonal specials with a specific Verso twist, complemented by a few Belgian classics executed in style. All dishes are presented in a modern way.

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  • 9.5/10   Kwaliteit
  • 8.8/10   Service
  • 8.6/10   Prijs/kwaliteit
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Geen opmerkingen. Uitstekende service. Prijs/kwaliteit zeer goed.

vr 14 december 2018

Christoph Ceuppens


vr 16 november 2018

Tom Willemsens

Altijd weer thuis komen vinden wij! Super teamlekker en fijn eten ! Bedankt ! Tom en Elke

vr 19 oktober 2018

Trees Leroy

Fantastisch gegeten in een fantastisch kader

vr 28 september 2018