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YUST Antwerp


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Sharing is what we do and love.
Discover a wide range of flavours when choosing one of our tasting menus and share it with your table or pick out your favourite dish from the a-la-carte list. Our menu consists of fresh ingredients, adapts with the seasons and is inspired by every corner of the culinary world.
Enjoy a variety of tastes, presented in a delicate yet funky way.
  • Toegankelijk voor rolstoelgebruikers
  • WiFi
  • Vergaderzaal
  • € 25 - 50
  • Geen score
  • € 50 - 100
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • WiFi
  • Terras
  • Laadpaal Auto
  • Terrassen
  • Flanders Food Festival
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Gemiddelde score

  • 9.1/10Kwaliteit
  • 8.9/10Service
  • 8.6/10Prijs/kwaliteit
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Bart Gonnissen

Incredible food, incredible service. Congrats to the whole team...

zo 27 november 2022


Great staff, great service!

vr 25 november 2022


I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. Food was amazing and service was great.

vr 25 november 2022


I am so fortunate to have this place just a few minutes away from home. Food is stunning, I had the experience with the wine pairing and considering the quality, the price is more than reasonable. Service was delightful and very professional. Love this place and will continue to visit. A 10+ for the cocktails!

zo 23 oktober 2022