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Our kitchen has a refined Italian style of cooking, where classic taste and scent combinations are given a modern, international twist. The cuisine is adventurous and imaginative without being precious. The pasta, bread and pastries are all made on the premises, and all of our dishes are prepared with daily fresh, rustic ingredients.
Located in the charming ’9 Streets’, amongst the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, the open kitchen and mezzanine level create a special atmosphere of convivial comfort, where your dining experience is enhanced by attentive and knowledgeable service.
We look forward to welcoming you at Bussia.
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Gemiddelde score

  • 9.6/10   Kwaliteit
  • 9.7/10   Service
  • 9/10   Prijs/kwaliteit
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prachtig en gezellig

di 05 februari 2019

Rachael Sothern

I have been actively dining in Bussia for 2 years and it is my favourite restaurant. We generally go 2-3 times a month and every dish is so tasty and the atmosphere is great - newly renovated with some lovely new art pieces. Highly recommend!!

za 02 februari 2019


Very friendly staff! We appreciated the communication about the amount of time between the dishes. Very cozy and relaxed atmosphere. We started with an extremely delicious prosecco. The food was definately star worthy, every dish had a great depth of flavors. The tagliatelle with truffle was maybe our favorite (but it was hard to pick one dish because they were all spot on)! We will definately come back!

vr 01 februari 2019


Wonderful combinations and great wine advice

do 31 januari 2019