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Andromeda Hotel


Enjoy a breakfast with a view at C-Hotels Andromeda. The huge range of local and fresh products tastes even better with the unique sea view from our breakfast room. Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee or tea with a view of Ostend's vast beach and sea. - Dogs are not allowed in the breakfast room - Please note that breakfast closes at 11h - Groups of more than 6 people? Please book by e-mail via - Please indicate in the remarks how many children will be coming along. Also mention the age. adult: 30€ / person. child up to 12 years: 20€ / person 0 - 3 years: free
  • Accessible for wheelchair users
  • WiFi
  • € 25 - 50
  • Buffet


Average score

  • 9.6/10Quality
  • 9.5/10Service
  • 8.9/10Price/ quality
The following feedback is selected by the business.


Altijd heel fijn om te ontbijten in Andromeda TOP!

Th 07 December 2023

Sheena Verhulst

Geen opmerkingen. Perfecte locatie, tafels niet dicht bij elkaar. Uutgebreide keuze.

We 06 December 2023

D. from Oostende

Het beste ontbijt in Oostende, prachtig zicht, grote ruimte.

Su 03 December 2023


Prachtig kader, heel lekker ontbijt. Aankleding Kerst/Nieuw, klasse en rustgevend.

Su 03 December 2023