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The Brasserie is an open and modern restaurant with seats for approximately 70 guests. Located within the heart of the hotel on the ground floor, with a stunning glass ceiling, it serves guests from the hotel, city-locals and international visitors.
  • Gault&Millau
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Average score

  • 8.6/10Quality
  • 8.3/10Service
  • 7.4/10Price/ quality
The following feedback is selected by the business.

Lalaine Brusas

It was an enjoyable brunch with the family . Definitely comeback again. Thank you for the great service.

Su 19 March 2023

Daan Debie

I did not actually visit myself, but booked a Sunday Brunch for my mother and stepfather who were celebrating my mother's 70th birthday. They expressed that they never had such a chique and delicious lunch before in their lives. What was an especially nice touch, is that I let the staff know of the occasion and they didn't hesitate to congratulate my mother when she arrived and made sure the whole experience was delightful! I'm now eager to book this brunch for myself and my wife soon!

Su 26 February 2023

Gerrit Dielissen

Great ambiance, service, food and drinks. Excellent value for money. Loved the staff and music. Our waiter Lyndon in particular. Compliments.

Su 19 February 2023


Most amazing brunch! Lovely time for my 60th birthday!

Su 05 February 2023