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Mission Masala Gent


Indian Soulfood with a modern twist.

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Average score

  • 9.6/10Quality
  • 9.4/10Service
  • 8.8/10Price/ quality
The following feedback is selected by the business.

Y. from Sint-Amandsberg

Heerlijk gegeten in een tof kader met ontzettend vriendelijke bediening. We komen zeker terug!

Fr 26 May 2023

C. from Voerendaal

It was the first time we ate at this restaurant. It was excellent. A very friendly staff with good advice. The food was delicious with a good price/ quality standard. If you want to have a nice evening we can certainly recommend it ..

We 24 May 2023


Goede bediening.

Mo 22 May 2023

Nic Versees

We were absolutely blown away, every dish was a flavor bomb

Sa 20 May 2023