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Terms & conditions Resengo voucher

The responsible diffuser of Resengo vouchers is Resengo NV, Borsbeeksebrug 1, 2600 Berchem, Belgium, VAT BE 0479.650.944,

The customer has no purchase obligation during the ordering process. He can cancel the process at any time without being bound to a purchase. The Resengo voucher will only be sent after receiving payment. Only when the payment is executed, we can speak of a purchase with the following mutual obligations.

  • The customer has the right to cancel the order of a Resengo voucher within fourteen days without justification. This only on condition that the customer has bought the voucher at home and that the voucher has not been used. The value of the Resengo voucher and the administrative costs will be reimbursed.
  • The order of a Resengo voucher can easily be cancelled by replying to the confirmation e-mail or with this form. The customer will receive the confirmation e-mail, which includes a link to the Resengo vouchers, after the payment has been made. The customer can revoke the order by filling in this form and sending it by e-mail to or by mail to Resengo NV, Borsbeeksebrug 1, BE 2600 Belgium.
  • In case of disagreement between the customer and Resengo where the customer believes Resengo did not resolve the problem, the customer can turn to the European platform for extrajudicial disputes:
  • A Resengo voucher expires one year after purchase. The voucher is only valid if the customer makes a reservation before the expiration date of the voucher. The date of reservation may not exceed one month after the expiration date of the voucher.
  • Only electronic validation of the voucher is accepted. This validation must be executed before the expiration date of the voucher. Resengo recommends validating the voucher through online booking. The customer can make his reservation online and validate the number and verification code of the Resengo voucher.
  • If the customer did not register the voucher during the reservation process, the merchant can accept the voucher and register it himself via his Resengo back office. The merchant has the right to refuse a voucher if there is a possibility to register the voucher online during the reservation process.
  • The merchant who accepts the voucher has the right to only accept one Resengo voucher per reservation.
  • If there's uncertainties about the acceptation of a Resengo voucher during registration, the client can contact Resengo Support via +32-(0)3/547.02.10 (Belgium) or +31-(0)46/745.00.10 (The Netherlands).
  • If the customer spends a smaller amount than the value of the Resengo voucher, the remaining amount can not be refunded in cash. It can only be refunded in form of a voucher from the business that validated the Resengo voucher.
  • Not every business that works with Resengo accepts the Resengo voucher. An overview of the merchants who accept the Resengo voucher is to be found on the website
  • The expiration date of a Resengo voucher can not be extended. However, a Resengo voucher can always be used as a means of payment to purchase a new Resengo voucher. Only the administrative cost must then be paid again.
  • The merchant receives 100% of the value of the voucher and doesn't pay a commission. For the merchant there are no disadvantages associated with accepting a Resengo voucher.