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Restaurant Cwart

Restaurant Cwart

The restaurant CWART is now located in a beautiful environment where generations of people have worked in and on the land with great care and respect for nature to ensure that the animals and the grain grow well. CWART continues these traditions in the way drinks and food are prepared and served. In the restaurant, the customer is spoilt with delicious traditional dishes that are complemented with contemporary and seasonal products. All this is always fresh and the guests are received with all friendliness, because service is a high priority for us.
  • Accessible for wheelchair users
  • WiFi
  • Meeting room
  • French/Belgian
  • € 25 - 50
  • € 50 - 100
  • Terrace
  • Terrassen
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Average score

  • 9.3/10   Quality
  • 8.8/10   Service
  • 8.7/10   Price/ quality
The following feedback is selected by the business.

B. from Schilde

Leuke culinaire ervaring. Aangenaam kader. Vriendelijke bediening. Mooie presentatie en voortreffelijke kwaliteit. Wij komen terug!

Sa 02 October 2021


Lekker eten in mooi kader met relaxte sfeer +++

Sa 02 October 2021


Supergezellig en heel lekker! Aanrader

Su 19 September 2021


Geen enkel probleem Enkel met mijn initialen zijnde DW Knokke

Th 16 September 2021