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Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson cooks with the ingredients provided by his vegetable and dairy farmers, his fishermen, his meat suppliers. Souvenir thus serves contemporary cuisine with local, seasonal products that are grown in an honest and sustainable way _ You can book your favourite Room : the Bar, the Dining Room or the Private Room. Looking forward to welcome you.
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  • Gault&Millau
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  • 9.6/10Kwaliteit
  • 9.5/10Service
  • 8.6/10Prijs/kwaliteit
De volgende beoordelingen zijn een selectie van de zaak.

Marie Verstraete

Heel erg genoten…

wo 27 september 2023

Snowden Flood

I'm not exaggerating when I say that we thought it was one of the most memorable meals of our lives. There were parts of the tasting menu that were more interesting than others, but as a whole experience it added up to a grand total. Things that we loved were the artistry and lack of pretension, an open kitchen and people focussing on creating. Everything felt very personal, not showy-offy and ostentatious but coming from a place of love and passion. These words are used alot on restaurant menus but we felt their presence in everything in that restaurant and it was moving. We are not wealthy, and it was the first time we'd eaten at a michelin starred restaurant, and it was wonderful. Not about ego but about allowing ingredients to sing beautifully together in a new way. We are are artists and felt like we were walking around in a new kind of artmedia that was totally unaccustomed but utterly delightful. At the end we were given a list of recommended restaurants and bars that the staff love, very kind. Thank you to everyone for a really memorable birthday.

vr 22 september 2023

S. uit Hofstade

Wauw, wat een verrassende en frisse combinaties. Waanzinnig pure keuken met veel finesse. Lichtjes tegendraads ten aanzien van andere sterrezaken. Top!

do 14 september 2023


It was a pleasure in every option.

ma 11 september 2023