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Supperclub Amsterdam

Supperclub Amsterdam

Be your own guinea-pig
Taste what you've never tasted before.
Food at supperclub tickles your heart and caresses your soul. Then deliberately humiliates cooking dogmas like 'le cordon blue', to shock your taste buds with new flavors. Be your own guinea-pig; delete your culinary expectations and open up to the unexpected; new seasonings, new combinations, new tastes and a new... you. Dinner in bed. And no need to worry about the crumbs.

Food without borders
All of our supperclub chefs learn by visiting each other, exchanging kitchens, experiences and -ofcourse- recipes. This way, the menu of supperclub becomes more international than it already is. Even the food at supperclub knows no boundaries.

With their past experiences and today's knowledge, supperclub's chefs create each night special gastronomy experiences.
Every week they gather together to 'pre-cook', so to speak. Chefs invent new dishes and discuss thoroughly this week's international menu, which will be totally different from last week's, but just as innovative and exciting.

All night experience
You don't eat 'la carte' at supperclub.
There is no first and second shift. Instead, we serve you an all-night experience. During the course of the evening, you'll get a dinner which consists of several courses; a culinary journey through different dishes and countries, with new flavours and savours.
Sometimes the food is based on interesting suggestions from a dinner guest, another time it's inspired by a popular visiting chef or made after a recipe of the supperclub chefs' grandma. All of this under supervision of corporate chefs Joost de Bruijn and Michiel van der Eerde.

Joost de Bruijn, noted chef from restaurant Walem, Vasso and Chef de Partie of the world famous Amstel Hotel together with Michiel van der Eerde whose past culinary delights graced such fine restaurants as Bokkendoorns, De Lokeend and Auberge Hoefslag combine to create the open kitchen of supperclub.

The chef of supperclub, Massimo, together with his team prepares you a full evening 5-course surprise menu.

Supperclub Tickets*:
Tue-Wed € 47,50
Thu-Mon € 70,-

A ticket to Supperclub includes:
- a full evening five course menu (Tue/Wed 3-courses) excluding drinks
- free admission to the after dinner portion of the evening's program
- the hottest DJ's playing the freshest hits form open to close
- performance art entertainment throughout the evening
- the unmistakable supperclub party vibe, exclusively at supperclub!

* Prices may vary based on special events and/or programming. Please check the agenda or our reservation system for up to date information or speak with our telephone operators who will inform you of any changes to schedule and/or ticketing option.

Supperclub Amsterdam
Singel 460
1012 PL Amsterdam
+31 20 3446 400
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